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“A book that invites you to be more observant, more present in your own life, to find magic in the ordinary…”
—Early Parea Reader


The Hours Before Dusk: Finding Light in Cities Around the World

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Pre-order The Hours Before Dusk and receive:
  • Signed copy of the book with an original, handwritten poem from the author included inside.
  • The first 100 purchasers will also receive an exclusive art print from illustrator Jimmy Thompson.

Book Summary

Since 2005, Jenna Matecki has chronicled the moments of her life in the form of poems, short stories, and letters. Her work as a sustainability strategist and journalist has taken her to over 25 cities across four continents, where she puts words to the familiar feelings of nostalgia, curiosity, turning strangers into friends, and falling in love: for a moment, with a feeling, with a place, with the right person at the perfect time. The Hours Before Dusk is a hybrid narrative that challenges readers to find feelings of peace and joy in the everyday and to sharpen their curiosity for the world through evocative stories and poetry.

This genre-bending collection is a culmination of Matecki's life lived around the world, written to invoke feelings of sentimentality for the past, while simultaneously urging you to forge new meaningful experiences. The Hours Before Dusk is an antidote to our chaotic, technology-filled existence, a salve for the anxiety levied by our times. It guards and cherishes what you hold most sacred, and provokes a deep dive into the personal, warm, and unspoken world that you call your own.

“Reminds you of who you once were, the version of yourself you remember most fondly.”

—Early Parea Reader

The Introduction

This isn't your usual map. The borders constantly shift. It travels across hours, years - Geographies, cultures that I visited for a moment, others - cities I know intimately. Characters from a second, few a lifetime. It's poetry, it's prose, they're always stories. I wrote them to conjure Those beautiful images in your mind - That sacred landscape, in the water, around the fire - that is only yours The person who lives there is who I'm writing for - Hi. It's nice to meet you. Come play with me in the place you call Home.

“This is a book you should carry with you at all times…”

—Early Parea Reader

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